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The Birthing box

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A premium box that has all the essentials a mom would need to recover during her postpartum journey. A must have for your hospital bag, it checks off most of the boxes from your hospital checklist. This box will ensure a new mom blissful postpartum recovery!

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The Birthing box includes 11 postpartum recovery essentials:

  1. Disposable maternity pads (x10)

Our All Nighter Maternity Pads are wider and thicker in dimension, making them
fit for heavy bleeding. These pads are safe, soft, and tend to last longer as these are at least twice as absorbent as the normal sanitary pads. They come in a pack of 10.

  1. Disposable instant ice pads (x6)

Our easy-to-use instant crack-and-cool ice pack delivers a cooling relief for 15-20
mins. Simply crack the pad in the center and place it in your comfy disposable underwear and chill. Each pad absorbs liquid, so you dont have to worry about leaks while you chill. These pads helps to reduce pain in perineum and also help with hemorrhoid pain

  1. Disposable soft under wears (x6)

Underwear that you can toss are perfect. There is so much going on down that you do not want to slip into your favorite pair of underwear. You want something comfortable and disposable. Mamacare Comfy Disposable underwear are stretchy, high-waisted, and boyshort fit for ultimate comfort also on your delicate C-section stitches.

  1. Mattress protector pads (x6)

Our mattress shield pads are great for using at home in those first few days when you're bleeding heavily. You can simply dispose them away and not worry about washing anything. Plus you can use them for diaper changes too.

  1. Epsom salt sachets (x6)

Soaking your perineum in a warm bath (or sitz bath) several times a day with Epsom salts will reduce swelling, discourage infection and encourage healing. This helps in improving blood flow to the perineal area, which reduces swelling and inflammation and promotes healing, relaxes the muscles in the perineum, which help relieve the pain of a tear or episiotomy, soothes the soreness that comes from childbirth stretching., helps heal hemorrhoids, relieves the itching that often accompanies stitches.

  1. Compression socks

Most moms will see a significant reduction of swelling during the first few days after birth. However, some moms notice that their swelling sticks around for a while. Compression socks can help move excess fluid along. They can also help prevent blood clots and other circulatory issues. Pregnancy changes your body in many ways to support the growth of your baby, but also puts pressure on your legs. Compression socks helps you get the correct support for your legs to keep them fit and healthy during pregnancy.

  1. Postpartum belt

Our belt helps relief back pain, provide support to your back and helps shrink the uterus back to its original size. Its breathable, sweat-wicking and a cool-dry wrap, it is an excellent recovery belly band. There are 3 closures for you to adjust loose or tight pressure. Stretchy enough to provide suitable compression. And 2 extra wings help to tighten, helps with no curling and provides core muscles support, remind you to use proper posture.

  1. Washing bottle

Specifically designed to be held upside down, with a narrow-angled neck for
continuous stream of relief right where you need it. The first few times when you urinate, it stings! Use our no sting bottle to help dilute and make it a comfortable experience. C-Section Mamas: Clean your vagina and incisions without pressure.

  1. Witch hazel gel

Mama Care healing gel is a unique formulation which is made of alcohol free witch hazel only. It helps in Hemorrhoids' pain and soothes irritated skin. Witch hazel gel can provide relief from both itching and pain, two main symptoms of hemorrhoids'. Its a natural anti-inflammatory, so it can also reduce swelling. It can be applied directly to the hemorrhoid's. The cooling gel targets the perineal area along with the tush. It cools the area providing comfort and helps it heal.

10.U-shape memory foam sitting cushion

Our cozy lap memory foam cushions are designed to help improve circulation, take pressure off the perineum and offer additional stability, so you can twist and turn without feeling discomfort as you shift your weight. Machine washable cover and non skid back makes it easy to use.

  1. Double sided grip socks

Our Tip Toe Grip Socks have grip at the bottom and top to help give you grip, especially when you walk around your hospital and hospital room. You will be in no mood to grab shoes and these will be your safest option for moving around with ease.

This box is ideal to carry to the hospital as it ticks off most of the boxes of the hospital bag list. This too makes a fabulous gift for baby shower or new mom.



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