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Montessori Play Set: The Supporter

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The Supporter play set, is a Montessori toy collection by Montiplay that helps initiate the notion of order and creativity while providing your child the freedom to:

  • Explore artistic senses
  • Define fine motor skills
  • Develop their natural tendency to explore nature

Recommended age: 22months+

What's included in the box:

Matching Pairs

Start problem solving by assembling and naming animals together!

Cylinder Drop

Its all about size distinction. Place the cylinders in the appropriate hole size to complete the puzzle. Repeat and repeat again. Repetition is key to perfection.


Create your own piece of art while learning color recognition.

Eco Funny Creatures

A great starter to playing with puzzles and learning animal names in a fun way.

Shooting stars

Keep your childs attention in full focus as they use tweezers to transfer stars from one container to another.

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