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Hop Lola Hop | Kathy Urban

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Lola is a little toy bunny who likes to go on fun adventures.
But one day, she Hop! Hop! Hops! ... just a little too far.
Ella is a young girl who is heartbroken when her beloved bunny
goes missing. How are they going to find each other again?
A magical, heart-warming tale about an adorable lost toy bunny and the feelings and emotions that come with losing something special. 
* A delightful tale about a much-loved toy bunny, perfect for children aged 3 to 6 years.
* There are 16 secret bunnies hidden throughout the book. Can you find them?
Kathy is a multilingual journalist and has been reporting on
news, entertainment and environmental stories for over a decade.
She’s freelanced for British and international organizations, including Reuters, BBC and ITN. An avid reader as a child, Kathy grew up admiring the works of great storytellers and the imaginary worlds they created.
But it was listening to the stories her dad would tell her that prompted Kathy to make up stories for her own children. Her first picture book, Hop Lola Hop, was inspired by her eldest daughter’s favorite toy bunny, which they lost many, many times - during trips to the supermarket, walks in the park and even on a desert camel ride.
A world nomad, Kathy has lived in the UK, US, Denmark, Germany and these days calls Dubai her home.
Born in London, Siski has lived in various countries and currently resides in Chile with her family of humans and dogs. Painting watercolours gives her the same joy as swimming, eating scones with jam or swinging in a hammock. She is largely self-taught, having taken a handful of watercolour and illustration courses over the years. More than 
anything, Siski loves children's books. She would eat them if she could. But they don’t taste as good as scones. 
Keywords: picture, 3 to 6 years, toy bunny, cuddly toy, lost toy, feelings, childhood, adventure 

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