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Baltic Amber Teething Necklace - Honey

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Introducing Our Little Necklace, the ideal teething necklace crafted to provide natural relief during your child's uncomfortable teething phase. Our teething necklace features all-natural stones that work wonders in alleviating pain and inflammation, bringing peace, calmness, and positive energy to your little one.

The teething stones in our necklace are made from Baltic Amber, a material known for its therapeutic properties. When the amber stones come into contact with the skin, they gently warm up and release oils containing succinic acid. This acid is believed to effectively relieve pain associated with teething and other unpleasant childhood illnesses.

Color: Our teething necklace showcases a beautiful light brown color, exuding a natural and earthy charm.

Size: You can choose from two convenient sizes: 32cm or 28cm, allowing for a comfortable fit around your child's neck.

Material: We use authentic Baltic Amber stones to create our teething necklace. These stones are carefully selected for their quality and therapeutic benefits.

Please note that our Amber Jewelry is designed for wearing, not for chewing. Each natural stone is unique, so the colors may vary slightly from the picture, adding to the individuality of your necklace.

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