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Smart Heart Board Game - Arabic

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SmartHeart, is a a revolutionary board game created by psychologists to develop emotional intelligence in our young ones. The game is tailored to allow children to express themselves and interact with others. Through the use of pictures and word cards, it assists with identifying and communicating a childs feelings. Encourages problem solvers and for children to think independently.

This game is created by Christine Kritzas (Counseling Psychologist) and Dr. Saliha Afridi (Clinical Psychologist; Managing Director at The LightHouse Arabia), whom are both practicing psychologists at The LightHouse Arabia in Dubai

Recommended age

4-11 years old



Learning outcomes

-Facilitate emotional expression, build emotional literacy, strengthen self-regulation, foster empathy, and improve social skills.

-Building more meaning conversations with child to parent in real life contexts

-Creating a safe place for our children to express their thoughts and feelings

- Facilitate and foster mental and emotional health

The SmartHeart family of edutainment products are a fun and engaging way for children and families to connect over quality time, while speaking about big feelings and serious issues. The goal is to normalize universally common experiences that range from fears and friendships, to grief, sibling rivalry, divorce, and more.

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