Maison Tini Journal

Managing Back-to-School Anxiety
By Christine Kritzas (Counseling Psychologist at The LightHouse Arabia &Creator of Smart Heart Board Game)Practical tips for managing Back-to-School AnxietyAs a means of managing expectations, as well as parental angst, parents can expect that the first 6 to 8 weeks...
Yoga and Mindfulness in Your Very Own Maison Tini: Simple Tips For The Entire Family To Practice
by YogaMagic Yoga and Mindfulness are proven to have many benefits for the whole family- from the tiniest babies to the eldest grandma. Incorporating small practices of yoga and mindfulness into your child’s daily life can improve focus and concentration,...
Is it time to ditch the quintessential crib?
by Yusra Ravat, Architect and Interior Stylist Montessori floor beds are fast becoming the sleep article of choice, and from a design, as well as practical parenting perspective, we can see why.  Montessori beds are low to the floor, and without...
Why Do I Feel Parent Guilt, And How Do I Stop?
I have never met a mom that told me she doesn’t feel guilt. And I’ve met many! Why do we feel so much guilt and what can we do about it? Are we meant to just live with it?
Tantrums: How to support my child
“Calm down!” - a phrase so often used when addressing our tantruming child. Here’s the hard truth: They just can’t. Up until age 12, their brains are simply not developed enough for them to be able to self regulate. They NEED you to co-regulate with them.