Is it time to ditch the quintessential crib?

by Yusra Ravat, Architect and Interior Stylist

Montessori floor beds are fast becoming the sleep article of choice, and from a design, as well as practical parenting perspective, we can see why.

 Montessori beds are low to the floor, and without rails. The idea is that they allow unrestricted access to the environment, allowing a young child to explore his surroundings when he wakes up instead of being confined to a crib until an adult arrives.

Maison Tini Floor Bed

 Whilst the quintessential crib may be the standard item that new parents add to their nursery checklist, the reality is that infants outgrow them so fast, they are, in actual fact, quite impractical.

 Floor beds are favored for a variety of reasons. They promotes exploration and allow children to move freely in and out of bed. They are safer, on the ground, eliminating the risk of children rolling and falling off regular twin beds.

 Additionally, floor beds encourage independent sleep, provide easy access to surroundings and are convenient for nursing mothers who can effortlessly put their babies down, without displacing them once they have had a feed.


Maison Tini Montessori Bed

 They also allow parents to easily, cuddle, soothe, and read bedtime stories to their children without leaning over crib rails.

Safe to say, this has become an item of choice, and we recommend opting for a floor bed from the get go. In doing so, you can ensure your little one has a bed he won’t soon outgrow, and that allows him the freedom to explore.

Also.. they are super cute!