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Poolside Essentials:  Must-Have Accessories to Pair with Kids Swimwear

Poolside Essentials: Must-Have Accessories to Pair with Kids Swimwear

, by Neil Dey, 3 min reading time

Summer is here, let’s dive in! Whether you’re taking your tini to the beach or their first swimming lesson, there are some accessories that are must-haves. When packing for kids, there are some things that you don’t want to forget to keep their day bright and playful! Towels, sunscreen, caps, change of clothes, swim shoes, and of course snacks and water. Follow through this article of recommendations from team tini for poolside essentials from our favorite brands.

1. Swimming essentials for splashing around 

Swim diapers

Reusable swim diapers are every mother’s dream - moisture absorbent, easily washed and cute! No need to stress about accidents, let your tini have a blast while staying protected with UV 50+, and just toss it in the wash later. The perfect accessory to pair with swimwear.

Swim shoes

Worried about your tini’s feet getting blisters? Sit back and enjoy your poolside day as your tini is safe in Fresk’s swim shoes! Flexible and study sole, it’s a must-have to shield their feet from scorching sand and rough terrain. Pair these quirky printed swim shoes with any swimwear for a must-have. 

Swim hats

Choose hats with wide brims and fun designs to protect your tini from the sun. Though tinis don’t like wearing hats, team tini suggests making it more appealing with fun designs and vibrant colors! It’s a must-have for any poolside, beach or outdoorsy day.

2. Swim toys - must have for any poolside day with tinis

Saavisand Starter Pack

The smartest beach must have for adults & tinis - this brush fits between the smallest of fingers and toes gently and efficiently. Removing wet & scratchy sand to keep your tini clean and comfortable! The pack is super simple to use, let your tini learn to use it, foster independence from a young age.


Enhance your day & your tini’s with fun water activities! Get creative and build a sand castle, or play ball by the beach. Engage in imaginative play and outdoor fun with your family with an easy game of Treasure Hunt - bury toys in the sand or in the pool, and let your tini find their treasures. Challenge your family in outdoor play to develop self-confidence, independence, while becoming aware of limits and boundaries.

3. Last and certainly not least - don’t forget poolside basics!

SunKIDS High Protection SPF 50+ from SunKiss

This sunscreen will leave your tini’s skin barrier well-hydrated, moisturized and feeling silky-soft. While ingredients include nourishing shea butter, vitamin rich sweet almond oil and any-inflammatory jojoba oil, it is fragrance free! One of our top essentials for a pool day, this sunblock is water resistant for 40 minutes and is suitable for everyone - 6 months +. 98% protection from UVB rays, it’s everything you need with high-protection and high-performance. Don’t forget it’s free of paraben, silicone, oxybenzone and octinoxate, plus it’s vegan! 


Though the sun might be shining, a wet tini is a cold tini! Keep your tini nice and warm whenever they’re out of the water with any poncho from our wide collection of towels. A couple of our favorites are Fresk ponchos! They are as safe as they can get - with UPF 50+ double-layer shield, it blocks sun rays and wind. Plus, it’s great for quick-dry and sand-repellent to keep your tini covered during poolside days. 


Obviously - swimwear ready, don’t forget to add a change of clothes for once your tini ends their poolside fun. Pack easy outfits while staying fashionable and comfortable. Made from cotton or linen, team tini suggests having Eli & Nev, Beau Desert or Cuddles for the best poolside fits!


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