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Cherrystone Neck pillow - Ocean Blue

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Relax your tight muscles with the SAINE Cherrystone Neck pillow. Filled with organic cherrystones this pillow will improve your well-being by offering you closeness to nature and natural healing techniques. Heat the inner pillow in the oven or the microwave and place it on your body zones in need. Cherrystones are hollow from the inside and store the warmth for up to 50 minutes. They have been used The Cherrystones Neck pillow has 12 separate chambers which make sure cherrystones are distributed evenly. The outer pillow is washable. Delivery in storage box together with instruction card.
Caution! Please always monitor the pillow while heating it. Never leave it unattended with kids!

100% pure cotton & linen
Handmade in Dubai.

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