Montessori Play Set: The Attendant
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Montessori Play Set: The Attendant

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The Attendant play set, is a Montessori toy collection by Montiplay that is best used once your child is comfortable carrying heavy objects around the home and shows signs of a need for order. This set supports them with:

  • Organizing items in a certain pattern and recognizing patterns
  • Developing their sense of categorization and order and enhancing visual discrimination
  • Building the foundation for mathematics, problem-solving and reasoning

Recommended age: 19 months+

What's included in the box:

 Buddha Board

Learn about the qualities of water as it slowly evaporates with each painting; a fun toy that combines art and physics.

Lock Box

Keep your child busy and intrigued to solve with these 10 varied locks.

Ring Slide

Delivering an age-appropriate understanding of cause and effect while teaching predictability and logical thinking.

Shape Combinations

Its all about matching colorful shapes while fine tuning your childs hand and eye coordination.

Clothes' Board Book

This easy-to-hold board book introduces the child to the names of clothing items and and promotes language development.


Let your child fill the pitcher and practice their pouring skills. It can also be used to water the Buddha Board!

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