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Montessori Play Set: The Little Helper

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The Little Helper play set, is a Montessori toy collection by Montiplay that will encourage your child to share responsibilities at home. A true principal in Montessori to get your child to:

  • Build and refine skills needed for everyday life
  • Develop functional language and communication as they twist, arrange, match and fit.

Recommended age: 31months+

Whats included in the box:

Twist and Sort

Experiential learning of geometric shapes while your child is practicing wrist flexibility and kinesthetics.

Hoops and jump in

Let the fun begin as your childs gross motor skills are at work as they hop, jump and twist!

Zoo Stories

Capture the attention of your little one with these vividly colored animal blocks and improve spatial reasoning skills.

Color Mixing Pads

Learn all about the science of color with early exploration.

Coin Storage

Encourage your little one to pick up after themselves and practice color recognition while sorting the coins by color

Watch and Match

Keep your little ones eyes on the prints as they must match each color to the right one. 12 sheets included.

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